An Apple a day

Днес е един такъв, ябълков ден. Всъщност в САЩ е такъв, а по нашите географски дължини е повече ябълкова вечер. iTunes взе, че стана версия 9, а iPhone OS вдигна “левъла” на 3.1, даже на 3.1.1 във версията за iPod Touch. Първото от двете се е сдобило с нов “подобрен” (според Apple) интерфейс, предимно представен от променената цветова схема, която от една страна ме дразни (твърде светла е), но и ме радва (старият сив фон трептеше зверски на 6-битовия TN панел).

Secure your WEB passwords in Safari

If you like me have used Firefox under Mac OS X, but prefer Safari for one reason or another, you might have already noticed that Safari does not support protecting your web form passwords with some kind of a master password. The reason for this behaviour is that Safari stores your sensitive passwords in the default “login” keychain that is automatically unlocked whenever you log into your OS X account and is kept unlocked until you log off.

Mac OS X combo updates break X11.app

After performing a combo update of my freshly installed Mac OS X 10.5 to 10.5.4, the X11.app stopped working. Here are some instructions on how to restore it to working state again. The combo update which is supposed to fix the problem with partially installed X11.app is actually exposing it. If you gradually upgrade from 10.5 to 10.5.1, then to 10.5.2, then to 10.5.3, and finally to 10.5.4, your X11 server will still work OK.

Mac OS X spell checking problems

Mac OS X loads services from various locations. Knowing what they are could save you a lot of trouble. I was just about to reinstall again my freshly reinstalled MacBook because I didn’t know those locations. An obscure OS X feature (or more likely a bug) stroke me a few hours ago. All of a sudden my Safari started throwing Couldn’t connect to Spell Check service alerts after every keystroke in any text field.